Autosol Marine Teak Brightener 1L


AUTOSOL® MARINE TEAK BRIGHTENER cleans greyed and weathered wood deep into the pores and brightens it up again. The wood regains its natural colour tone and colour depth back. Suitable for all teak woods, teak decks on yachts and boats as well as for all teak furniture on board and in the home garden. AUTOSOL® MARINE TEAK BRIGHTENER is the 2nd step in the refurbishment of weathered teak (1. TEAK CLEANER; 2. TEAK BRIGHTENER; 3. TEAK CARE OIL).
Application: Depending on the degree of soiling AUTOSOL® MARINE TEAK BRIGHTENER Dilute 1:3 to 1:5 with water. Use undiluted on extremely greyed wood. The Apply cleaning solution liberally to the wood with a scrubber or brush. 2 – 5 minutes and support the cleaning with a scrubber or brush. Then rinse the treated surface with plenty of water.
Note: Do not allow the product to dry. Avoid contact with painted surfaces.
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