Maintenance and repair of boat engines

Maintenance of boat engines is carried out according to the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer. After purchasing the engine, it is very important that after the first 10-20 hours the engine and gearbox oil is replaced. The engine has come in and the friction and wear have been great. The next maintenance is scheduled for 50-80 hours or 3-6 months. When changing the oil, the oil cap seals are also replaced and all bolts and nuts are tightened according to the manufacturer’s prescribed force. In the course of maintenance, not only oil is exchanged, but only 50% of the maintenance is a visual inspection. All parts of the fuel system are reviewed, mechanical or electrical malfunctions generated are eliminated and set within the parameters specified by the manufacturer. This is the only way to guarantee the engine warranty and long life even after the warranty expires.

  • The mechanic’s working hour costs 55 €


First maintenance after 10-20 hours will cost 50-100 €

  • Four-stroke boat engines -1 operating hours + oil reducer + oil engine + filter * + spark plug * + visual inspection and tuning
  • Two-Stroke Boat Motors -0.75 Hours + Oil Reducer + Spark Plug * + Visual Inspection & Tuning
    * Change to Winter Preparation as required from 40 €
  • Due to the poor quality of petrol at petrol stations, this is a very necessary operation. It lubricates the relevant parts with waterproof grease and cleans and neutralizes the fuel system. After this operation, we can guarantee you that there will be no unpleasant surprises when you start using the engine again in the spring. You can save several hundred euros in spring with the boat’s pre-winter maintenance.

NB!* After carrying out the maintenance work and notifying the customer, we will store your boat/engine free of charge for three days. Starting from the fourth day, 5 € / day will be added to the invoice.


We will repair up to 300 horsepower engines.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of the carburettor from 55 € (with assembly)
  • Read and diagnose error codes for Suzuki and Yamaha boat engines 50 €
  • Spare parts and propellers for all boat engines available for sale


We store boats, scooters, motorcycles and boat engines.

  • Boats and larger launches can be stored in a warm boat hall (12€ / m2) or in a guarded yard (6 € / m2, pre-covered with a thermal film)., boat on shelf 8€/m2. When calculating the area, the boat’s length and width are added to 1m.
  • For larger launches, we provide a shuttle service from the harbour to the boat hall.

VAT will be added to the prices

Kalastuspood OÜ has been issued an activity license by the Maritime Administration for the following activities:

  • Recreational craft construction
  • Recreational craft testing
  • Recreational craft repair
  • Technical inspection of recreational craft.

Authorization number: MES000127