Lowrance FishHunter 3D


Lowrance FishHunter 3D
Lowrance FishHunter is a wireless sensor that displays an underwater image on a smart device screen using a free application. The device works on Wi-Fi with Android and iOS phones and tablets. The advantage of a fish finder with a Wi-Fi connection is four times faster connection than a device that uses Bluetooth.

Lowrance® FishHunter 3D functions:
Five tri-frequency sensors

Depth range up to 49 meters

Wi-Fi connection range up to 61 meters

Five different views, including 3D views

Led lighting

Operating temperatures -30C to 35C

Battery life up to 10 hours in use

FishHunter is charged via the plug on the bottom (no need to open the device). LED indicators indicate charging and battery charge. Battery life is always a significant problem on small devices. Both models of Lowrance FishHunter have a battery life of up to 10 hours.

The Lowrance 3D FishHunter has a Wi-Fi connection distance of 61m and an operating depth of 49m. As the maximum depth of Estonian inland waters does not exceed 30 m in particular, this should be quite sufficient. To operate normally, the FishHunter should have at least 1.2m of water “under the wedge”. However, FishHunter also has a low water mode that can deliver even 0.4m of water.

The interior of the FishHunter 3D model includes as many as 5 three-frequency sensors, which give a very good overview of what is happening and located underwater. The angle of view is as much as 72 degrees! If desired, the user can also view what is happening underwater or ice and the features of the bottom in 3D. And echoes can also distinguish aquatic plants from fish, for example, which is still a problem for many other echoes.