Minn Kota PowerDrive i-Pilot


Minn Kota PowerDrive i-Pilot

This is an opportunity to do more fishing and less boat driving because the i-Pilot steers the boat for you. The i-Pilot is connected to the PowerDrive electric motor wirelessly and the motor is controlled from the LCD screen. The i-Pilot can be conveniently hung around the neck or waist with a strap.
The boat can be parked at a specific point through the built-in GPS. An electric motor steers the boat against a river or sea drift and the boat is “anchored”. Save the route and repeat the journey on the same route. Maneuver, drive or cruise control. This is a new level of boat fishing!

46/5000 The set includes Motor + remote control (i-Pilot) NB! It is necessary to buy an additional engine base for attaching to the boat.

Thrust: 55lbs / 70lbs
Power: 600W
Voltage: 12V
Leg length: 48” / 54”