Fast dynamics and maritime safety, lightness and stability, load capacity and boat width – these are the advantages of Finval EVO 550. The stern and bow deck of this boat are made of aluminium and it gives the lightest weight in its class. The engine is brought into the stern, which gives good access to the engine and propeller, as well as increasing the area of the stern podium. The boat glides lightly and it is possible to use a lower power engine, which in turn ensures lower fuel consumption.

Standard equipment: high-quality AkzoNobel paint coating, glass consoles, stern and bow podiums covered with marine vinyl, carpeted sides and drawers, 97l aluminium fuel tank, medium storage for spinnings up to 2.5 m, left and right side storage for two and 2.5 m spinning live fish tank with aerator, Ergolux captain and passenger seat, two folding seats in the stern podium, 2x 12V power plugs, naturally ventilated storage compartments, set of accessories on the stern podium, 4x clamps, pre-installed audio wiring harness, cable wiring ANTI FEEDBACK steering system.


Material: AlMg 4,5 / 5083 marine aluminum
Material thickness: 3-4mm
Recommended engine: 115hp
Height of the transom: 635mm (X-leg)
Dimensions: 5550 x 2300mm
Deck height: 950mm
Weight (without motor): 680kg
Load capacity: 600kg
Draft: 375mm
V-angle: 19°
Fuel tank capacity: 97l
Live fish tank capacity: 110l
Allowed people: 4
Category C
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